Wedding Dress Cleaning

Need your wedding dress cleaned after the big day? Don’t worry Natalya James is able to provide a wedding dress cleaning service, working with a local cleaners. Although they cannot guarantee that every stain and mark will be able to be removed they will ensure that your dress is cleaned to the highest of standards possible without damaging the delicate fabrics and trims.

It is important to have your wedding dress cleaned because as a special garment it is inevitable on the day no matter how hard you try to keep it clean there will be some dirt on it by the end of the day even if it’s tiny. If you don’t have your dress professionally cleaned over time the little stains or pieces of dirt on your dress will cause permanent damage to the fibres of the fabric of your dress.

Discolouration can also be caused by not correctly storing your dress, so it is important to not keep your dress in a plastic bag as mildew can occur which is almost impossible to remove. The best way to store a wedding dress is in a breathable pH neutral wedding dress box wrapped in acid free tissue as this will prevent damage and discolouration from pollutants.

Natalya James highly recommends you have your wedding dress cleaned professionally and then stored in one of our beautiful wedding dress boxes.